Hand painted Country Kitchen Furniture, Oxfordshire

A London based building contractor contacted me as they were looking for someone to carry out a 'distressed' paint finish on new solid wood kitchen cabinets they were making for their client. Since there was going to be a lot of other work happening on site they were more than happy to have the painting done in the dust free, convenience of HK Arts studio and for me to talk directly with the client.

After a couple of telephone conversations and exchange of images via email I could get a fairly good feel of the clients particular style and look of their home so began the sampling stage to explore some options. I had a good starting point as the client had picked out some base colours.

The samples were used to work out exactly how distressed we should go and also to make these two colours sit well together. As I've said before in a previous post I think caution is best when asked to produce a 'distressed' finish. If treated with a heavy hand they can often look contrived or themed (and naff!) ; in this instance the client didn't want a overtly chipped or rubbed layered paint effect, rather a subtle layered effect that added a feeling of texture to the furniture. This is the bit of the job I find most enjoyable, deciphering the clients descriptions and offering suggestions and interpretations.

You can see all the stages of the project from sampling stage right through to the completed and fitted furniture in situ. Hover over the images for descriptions.