Mural Restoration


This project was a blast from the past! HK Art was commissioned to paint this mural for a bank in London Wall 10 years ago. The bank has recently relocated to a central London premises and wanted to bring along the mural from their old offices. I felt really touched actually, that the clients had become so attached to the mural that they were bothering to try and save it. Often things like this in a major office refurbishment would have landed on the skip!

The original mural had been painted on 8 x 4 plasterboard sheets that had been jointed and mounted onto a free standing wall. To bring the mural to the new premises it had to be taken off its wall and reduced in size by around 1.5 metres which meant cutting it into 5 pieces;quite an undertaking for the builders apparently!

At the central London office it was remounted to a new wall ready for HK Art to repair. It was in quite a sorry state when I first visited site.


The individual plaster boards hadn't been mounted flush to each other due to the uneven surface on their reverse side so this presented a tricky filling and sanding job in the first instance. Once all jointing scrim had been cut back it revealed jagged and broken raw edges of plasterboard. The joints had to be peeled back to around 20mm wide and filled in with a combination of small pieces of plaster board,easi fill jointing compound,painters flexible caulk,and finished with a troupret fine surface filler, feathering out in various directions to compensate for the uneven way the boards had been mounted.


The newly filled and sanded joints were primed and then the colour matching could begin.

This mural had 5 different shades of tinted paints and glazes to build up the stone effect background alone, the soldiers and rosettes had a further 4 shades to colour match.

The following pictures show the build up of underpainting, blending and re drawing that took place.

Two coats of acrylic varnish were applied,rolling on and laying off with a brush and FINISHED!