Glass Gilded Fanlights

Whilst working in Guernsey I received an enquiry to gild a house number onto the glass of a fanlight back in London. Lucky for me there were loads of gilded and sign written fanlights near to where I was working; I'd started taking photos of them anyway for my own reference.

With only a few exceptions of nasty cheap vinyl, most were the genuine gilded article or were hand painted onto the reverse side of the glass in sign writers enamels. 

The pictures below are a good selection of different typeface, styles and techniques.

Back in London.....

This is Toms' house, his "unfinished masterpiece''!


He's carefully restoring his Victorian terrace to its original state. Tom is the unofficial, self appointed, one man conservation officer in his area of London. An eccentric, (his words not mine!), hes taken the trouble to distribute a self penned letter around his neighborhood,; a letter calling for all home owners in the surrounding streets to think again before replacing the original doors and windows with UPVC.

I think we need more people like Tom! It was a real pleasure doing this commission.

Here’s the finished glass gilded fanlight by HK Art Projects 


This is a great photo courtsey of Andy Marshall. A collection of rather lovely examples of fanlights from the Georgian period