Gingers Comfort in progress

I've gilded onto furniture and fibrous plaster details in residential interiors many times before but madly have never gilded onto a metal surface. I hadn't done much sign writing either so when the opportunity came along to help out with Gingers and have the chance of combining the two disiplines I was dead keen to offer my help. 

I have to say I love gilding very much, how exact and methodical the gilding process is. The leaf is so thin afterall at 0.00008 of a millimetre any flaws in your work easily show. Right from preparation of the substrate to the consistency, flow and tack of the size, it's crucial to get every step right along the way. Working onto metal had its own challenges but i enjoyed learning along the way.

There's still lots to do on Gingers'. Some more gilding and we've also picked some nice complimentary colours in signwriters enamels to get going with.......

Watch this space